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Setting Up A Development Account

If your merchant already has already signed up with CyberCom Pay, you can still test the CyberCom Pay services by setting their account in development mode (you can sign up through our website https://www.cybercompay.com). As their developers, you are able to integrate our services using example credentials and then carry out any test transactions at no cost or obligation. These transactions are only for test purposes so any transactions that are made at this mode will not be set live and transacted through.

To set your account under development mode, you will then need to contact Customer Support to set the merchant’s account to developer’s mode. Customer Support will then guide you through the merchant console, which allows you to control the merchant’s account and provide you with any credentials required.

Once you are satisfied testing out CyberCom Pay, you will have to contact Customer Support once again to change the developer’s status on the merchant’s account for the merchant to continue their application with CyberCom Pay.