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The Payment Page


This section expects prior knowledge and understanding from the sections indicated below. Please note that these areas are essential to obtaining a successful response and notifying your server upon completion.

  • API Key and Merchant ID
  • Live Payment Notification (LPN)
  • Changing LPN & Callback Settings


CyberCom Pay Checkout can handle online transactions through the hosted Payments page. When a user clicks on a 'buy now' button or link on a webpage, they are redirected to the Payments page to complete the transaction.

To know which item or product to show details for, the Payment page must be passed either a product ID (the ID of a product that already exists in the Storefront), or a identifier ID (created by the using the Create Transaction Identifier API) The details for a product can then be loaded by CyberCom Pay Checkout and displayed on the Payments page.

The Payment page URL: https://payment.cybercompay.com


The Payment page takes the following parameters:

  • product_id OR identifier_id - You can either pass in a product_id (from the Manage Products page in Merchant Tools), or a identifier_id, created via the Create Transaction Identifier API (Compulsory: You need to pass one or the other)
  • item_quantity - Quantity of items. This manually overrides the product or identifier 'item_quantity' parameter, so item quantities can be purchased. (Optional)
  • checkout -This variable alters the display on the payments page by changing the layout of the purchased items. For examples of this, please see the images below. (Optional)

With checkout set as true:

With checkout set as false:

Example Request

Example of Payments URL with the product_id passed in:



As this payment redirects the customer to the CyberCom Pay Payment Page. The transaction outcome needs to be retrieved using the LPN configured in the merchant console. Security Note: Please do not use the call back URL to update transaction status on your system, as it is not secure. The Live Payment Notification (LPN) URL is provided for this functionality.

Test Code

Below is an example code that will work against a test section of the server. Although this is intended to simulate server behaviour, characteristics and responses are not always the same.

Please note that no transactions will be sent online and the server will not store any information from these requests. For more information on this, please see Testing Without An Account

//These variables that will change per request.
$product_id = '7975FAA0E527F';
$item_quantity = '10';

//Set the full URL.
$url = 'https://merchant.cybercompay.com/examples/paymentsPage.php?product_id=%s&item_quantity=%s';
$full_url =  sprintf($url, $product_id, $item_quantity);

//Redirect to the payments page.
header('Location: ' . $full_url);