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Merchant Tools

Creating ‘Buy Now’ Buttons

Buy Now buttons allow you to add a shopping cart functionality to your website without a massive dependency on web developers. If your website has a content management system, then you can use this feature to allow your website visitors to purchase your product from your website at the click of a button!

Creating “Buy Now” Buttons

1. Click “Merchant Tools” on the top menu

2. Click “Manage Products” on the left hand side

3. Click “New Product” and enter the product name and description

4. Enter the product price including any taxes, shipping costs or any other applicable charges. This is the total amount your customer’s credit card will be charged

5. Enter a minimum quantity if you wish to enforce purchase of a minimum number of items

6. Select a button style. Read more about customizing your button styles here. To add a quantity field, insert a text box next to the “Buy Now” button

7. Upload an image

8. Click “Create Product”

A text box with some HTML code will appear. Cut and paste this text into your website or in emails. Wherever you paste this code, the button along with the optional quantity box will appear.