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Resuming suspended transactions

Suspension of Subscription Plans

In the event a subscription plan is suspended due to continual declined transactions or action taken by the merchant, the only way to resume it is if the cardholder resumes the subscription from within the MyCyberComPay portal.

If the suspended subscription plan was a fixed term plan, then before a suspension is revoked, the cardholder needs to pay all outstanding charges owing on the subscription plan when they click on the “resume subscription” button.

Example scenario (12 month term):

Cardholder signed up for a 12 month Magazine Subscription plan for $10 per month in December. They paid the $10 in December, January and February but during March and April their credit card declined thereby leading to a suspension of their plan.

The cardholder now comes back in May and wants to resume their subscription. They will be asked to pay the amount due for March and April (total $20) along with the amount due in May ($10), totaling $30 before the subscription can be resumed.

If the suspended subscription plan was an on-going plan (meaning no fixed term) then at the time a card holder wants to resume the subscription, they will only be asked to pay for that particular period’s charges.

So as per our Magazine subscription example above, when resuming in May, the only amount due will be $10.

Suspension Vs Cancellation

If a subscription plan is suspended, it can be resumed again by the cardholder as per the suspension scenarios described here.

If a subscription plan is cancelled, it cannot be resumed again.