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CyberCom Pay Plugin for Magento

This is a plugin for Magento which enables you to use CyberCom Pay Checkout as a payment method.

Download from the plugin page on Magento (v1.7.2)


Click here to download (v1.7.2)


  1. Please install this extension through the normal Magento installation process (System -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager, then Install New Extensions, grabbing the key from the plugin page linked above or Direct Package File Upload, selecting this zip)
  2. After successful installation it will appear in the list of Packages as “SwipeHQ_Checkout”
  3. Then configure the plugin, go back to the Magento Admin, then go to System -> Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods -> CyberCom Pay Checkout, adding the following details from your CyberCom Pay Merchant login under Settings -> API Credentials:
    • Merchant ID
    • API Key
    • Payment Page Url
    • Api Url
  4. And finally configure your CyberCom Pay account to send customers back to your shop after they pay. In your Merchant login under Settings -> Payment Notifiers, set:
    • Callback Url: %YOUR_WEBSITE%/swipehq/payment/response
    • Callback pass back user data: on
    • LPN Url: %YOUR_WEBSITE%/swipehq/payment/response
    • making sure to replace %YOUR_WEBSITE% with your website url, e.g. www.example.com/my-shop/swipehq/payment/response
  5. All done, test it out, add some products to your cart and you will get the option to pay with Swipe.


  • Magento must be configured to use a currency that your CyberCom Pay Merchant Account supports for customers to be able to use CyberCom Pay to be a payment option, see Settings -> API Credentials for a list of currencies your Merchant Account supports. And see System -> Manage Currency -> Symbols to see which currency your Magento is using.
  • Magento allows this plugin to set the order state to only a limited subset of all order states. You must mark orders as complete manually once you ship them.


If you have trouble, please view the readme.txt file included in the download or contact support.