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If for any reason, you need to process a refund, you have to make a request from within the merchant console. At the time of making a refund request, you must provide adequate reason for seeking a refund and our merchant support team will process it on your behalf.

A refund typically takes 7 working days to reflect in the cardholders’ credit card.

To make a new refund request, click on the “Refunds” link (on the left) in the Transactions Area.

Click on the “New Refund” button toward the right

  • Search for the particular transaction you wish to have refunded. You can use any of the fields on the form to search for a transaction. Click on the Search Transactions button.
  • At this stage you will see a list of transactions matching your search query.
  • Click on the “Refund this” link next to the transaction you wish to have refunded.
  • In the next step, specify the amount you wish to refund. Partial refunds are allowed.