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Settlement Disputes

If at any time you notice a discrepancy between your expected settlements vs. the actual amount settled into your account, you must notify CyberCom Pay immediately by raising a Settlement Dispute ticket from within your Merchant Console.
Specify what you think the discrepancy is and allow us 24 hours to investigate the matter. All dispute related responses are posted back to your Merchant Console and an email is sent to you each time there’s any progress being made in the investigation.
To raise a Settlement Dispute, click on the Settlements link (on the left) inside the Transactions area.
Click on ‘Raise a Ticket’ button.
Provide as much detail as you can in the comment box. Note the Settlement Reference Number. You will need this if enquiring about this settlement ticket over the phone.
Please be advised, we do not respond to settlement disputes by any means other than through this ticketing system.