Changing The Payments Industry... Forever!

Every once in a while a technology innovation comes along and things are never the same.

Our aim is to equip and empower businesses to transact more efficiently and do so at a price that's fair and reasonable.

This is the story of CyberCom Pay.

CyberCom's Story
Established in 1995, CyberCom’s focus has always been to help progressive businesses boost their overall profits by using user-friendly and innovative technology.

In New Zealand, CyberCom is the foremost supplier of Internet and WiFi solutions to the Hospitality and Tourism Industry - servicing hundreds of Hotels, Motels, Serviced Apartments, Cafés, Restaurants and Bars throughout the country.

Globally, CyberCom supplies thousands of business with the ground-breaking electronic marketing solutions, Maxmail and Texta and the revolutionary email list cleaning solution, Listwise.

CyberCom is also a market leader in online payments. CyberCom Pay helps hundreds of New Zealand entrepreneurs take control of their business with a secure online payment solution which is both simple and cost-effective.

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