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Why am I seeing SHQ* on my bank statement
Settlement of funds into your bank account
Exporting Transaction Records
Transaction Fees Explained
Exporting Settlement Records
Settlement Disputes
Post Payment Redirection
What are the transaction fees?
Which cards can I accept with CyberCom Pay?
Can I accept EFTPOS cards with CyberCom Pay?
When will my funds get settled into my bank account?
How long do I need to wait until the money is my account?
Is there anything the merchant needs to use the product? GST registered or just a merchant account?

Merchant Tools

Tips & Taxes
Card Not Present Transactions
Accepting Credit Card Payments via Your Business Website
Accepting Credit Card Payments for Invoices
Using Multi-Currency for Buy Now Buttons
Creating ‘Buy Now’ Buttons
Accepting ‘Card Not Present’ Payments
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The Payment Page
API Key and Merchant ID
How to test without an Account
Setting Up A Development Account
Live Payment Notification (LPN)
Changing LPN & Callback Settings
API Overview
Create Transaction Identifier
Create Subscription Identifier
Verify Transaction
Product APIs
Fetching Products
Creating Products
Updating Products
Subscription & Contract APIs
Fetching Contracts
Creating Contracts
Suspending Contracts
Updating Contracts
Updating credit card Information
Creating Tokens
Charging Tokens
Supported Shopping Carts
Available Currencies
API Response Format

General Questions

What is CyberCom Pay?
Merchant Website Requirements
Personal Guarantee and Direct Debit Requirements
Becoming a CyberCom Pay Merchant
Merchant Security Requirements
How much does it cost to set up a Merchant Account?
Multi-Currency Transactions
Is there a monthly fee?
CyberCom PayPolicies
Who qualifies for the charities & NPO rate
Are there any Export Restrictions
Do I have to sign a contract?
Do I have to change banks?
Do I need a Merchant Account with a bank?
How long does it take to get started?
What documents do I need to provide?


Update Settlement Bank Account Details
Buy Now Button Templates
Change Your Password
Customizing Payment Pages

Supported Shopping Carts

CyberCom Pay Plugin for OpenCart
CyberCom Pay Plugin for WooCommerce
CyberCom Pay Plugin for PrestaShop
CyberCom Pay Plugin for Virtuemart
CyberCom Pay Plugin for WP e-Commerce
CyberCom Pay Plugin for Jigoshop
CyberCom Pay Plugin for Magento
CyberCom Pay Plugin for HikaShop
CyberCom Pay Plugin for eShop
CyberCom Pay Plugin for Zencart
CyberCom Pay Plugin for osCommerce
CyberCom Pay Plugin for Ruby Gem
CyberCom Pay WHMCS Plugin
CyberCom Pay Plugin for Ubercart

iOS Support

Android Support

Android App features explained


Setting up a recurring subscription plan
Transaction Handling
Resuming suspended transactions
Managing subscription plans