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Accepting ‘Card Not Present’ Payments

Your CyberCom Pay Merchant Account allows you to accept credit card payments in an offline environment such as over the phone, mail or fax.

The transaction fees are the same as if you were accepting credit card payments via your website.

Before you can accept credit card payments, you need to make sure your CyberCom Pay account has been approved and is ready for use.

You will receive a confirmation email as well as a set-up phone call when this happens.

Once you login to the Merchant Console, go to the Transactions Tab and click on the “New Transaction” link on the left hand side.

Complete the fields required in the form and click on the submit button.

There’s a greater amount of risk involved in processing offline credit card payments and you, as a Merchant, have a greater responsibility to maintain adequate security internally to avoid being penalized with chargebacks.

Under Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), you are not allowed to retain a credit card number in any form (paper or electronic) for any purpose.

As per our Merchant Terms of Use Agreement, you are required to destroy any record containing the credit card number of your customer immediately after the transaction has been processed.